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Computers 11/12: About Us

Whether you have (or want to have) a blog or a web site of your own, you probably want to customize the look of it, something to stand out in the vastness of internet. Maybe you want to promote your band or create a digital art portfolio or even share your love of all things pink. Whatever your reason, you’ll learn to use the tools available to professional web designers today.

After you learn how to use Flash (a web animation program), you’ll appreciate the following video even more:

PREREQUISITES: Technically, there aren’t any prerequisites. You can start this course with zero knowledge of computers. If that describes you, remember, your path to mastery will be longer than someone who has taken computer courses before. What you get from this course will depend a lot on how much time you’re willing to put in.

  1. Photoshop or Fireworks. Although you can get free 30 day trial versions from Adobe, you could also try a free image editor such as Gimp (make sure you get the latest version; Gimp says it’ll run on Windows XP SP2 or newer). Download at your own risk, so check with your parents first.
  2. Scanners, digital cameras, digital camcorders, digital sound recorders and microphones. You’ve probably used most, if not all, of these items but have you explored all the settings possible?
  3. Sound editing software. Audacity is a free program but has only provisional support for Windows 7. Be aware that version 1.3.12 is in beta (testing) form at the moment. I’ve tried version 1.2.6 with Windows 7 at home without any noticeable problems (at the moment). Again, check with your parents before you do any installs on your home computer.
  4. Video editing software. Adobe Premiere Elements 9.
  5. Dreamweaver and/or Adobe Contribute. These are the standard programs used to create web sites professionally.
  6. Windows Notepad. You’ll be learning how to create simple web pages from scratch using a programming code called HTML. A little knowledge goes a long way when you’re trying to tweak a web page.
  7. Flash. A great 2D animation program for web sites. Flash files load faster than other animation files.