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Study Hall

About eight weeks into each term, students with marks less than 50% will be assigned to a mandatory lunch hour study hall for one week (I also assign students with less than 60% who have missing work). All late assignments completed & submitted in study hall will receive a maximum mark of 50%.

Study Hall Schedule for 2012/2013:

Mon. October 29 – Fri. November 2

Mon. January 7 – Fri. January 11 (immediately after Christmas break)

Mon. March 25 – Thur. March 28 (immediately after Spring break)

Mon. May 27 – Fri. May 31

Parents, please note that study hall follows immediately after Christmas & Spring breaks. Should families decide to extend vacation time, students are responsible for completing missing assignments during the same time period and must submit all work on their first day back in class. Test & quizzes must be made up after school Tuesdays to Thursdays or during class in the first week back in class.