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Classroom Policies


Borrowing Headphones, Tech or Cables
Cell Phones
Classroom Community
Classroom Phones
Due Dates
Emergency Procedures
Food & Drink
Laptops, Tablets & Other Personal Devices
Leaving the Classroom
Time Management


What happens in the classroom is for the people in the classroom. Talk about the joke or the lesson after class with your friends or family but please don’t record the moment. Things to keep in mind:

Do not tweet, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook, reddit, FaceTime, text, YouTube, or use any other method to send text, pictures, video &/or audio to friends, family &/or the public online.

Do not record anyone’s voice, image or actions in any way without the person’s permission AND only if doing so is part of a pre-approved assignment/project.

Do not use the personal info of other people to protect your own privacy (e.g. don’t use your friend’s personal info to create an anonymous account for yourself).

Do not treat online spaces as an extension of the classroom (e.g. forums, social media networks).

The lab monitoring software records and saves information about your keyboard strokes, your internet history & program use. I generally don’t access this info but be aware that this information may be accessed at any time by staff under certain circumstances.


Since all projects are during class & no homework is assigned, you must be in class regularly to succeed. Chronic absences mean you will not complete as many projects as students who are in class regularly. Therefore, although attendance is a behaviour, it directly affects your marks overall.


For Animation & Computers, one class equals about 60 minutes of focused work. You must hand in projects & logbook entries that reflect the time missed (e.g. 2 classes = 120 minutes of work at home on your own time). Work done in class will not qualify as catch up work.

For Business & Planning students, check the StudentShare folder for assignment files.

All work is due before the end of term.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: More than three unexcused absences in a term will mean a phone call home. Further unexcused absences will be referred to the counsellor and/or administration. If you’re having a tough go of things, I strongly recommend you talk to a counsellor or to the Youth Worker down the hall. Not only can they help you but they can tell me to excuse your absences for now (without giving me any details). Honestly, if you’re struggling with something, it’s okay to ask for help.

BEING LATE FOR CLASSES: Everyone’s late at one point or another, but chronic lates (especially if they’re more than 5 minutes into the class) can add up to have the same effect as unexcused absences. No matter what caused you to be late, it’s up to you to catch up on lessons & work missed.

Borrowing Headphones, Tech or Cables:

All students must provide their own earbuds or headphones.

Cell Phones:

Cell phones must be in your locker, pocket/jacket or backpack. If seen, it will be confiscated for the duration of the class. If you want to listen to music, pick a radio station online.

If you violate the privacy of your classmates or of staff, your cell phone will be confiscated immediately. Other consequences may also be possible. In all other cases, school rules will apply if, after receiving a warning, you continue to misuse your cell phone (you text, make/take a phone call or stop working altogether).

Family emergencies go through the office first. Why? Even if you got the call first, you can’t sign out of school until the office contacts your parents or guardian. It’s faster for your family to phone the office to excuse you, if necessary (the office will phone the classroom).

 Classroom Community:

Our classes are multi-culture, multi-age, multi-opinion, multi-beliefs, multi-everything. Respect & a sense of humour go a long way.

Classroom Phones:

The one on my desk is off limits. If you don’t have a cell phone and need to make a phone call, you’ll need to use the one by the office outside of class time.

Due Dates:

No work will be accepted beyond the last day of term.


Check or answer your email or texts outside of class. I don’t check my personal email during work hours. You shouldn’t either.

Emergency Procedures:

Please take them seriously. Always. I have stories about why you should. If the fire alarm goes off while you’re out of the room, head to the emergency meeting place for our class. During lunch or non-class times, go to your advisory emergency meeting place instead.

Food & Drink:

If you’re willing to pay for a new keyboard or do the clean up in the case of an accidental spill, feel free to have a covered beverage at your seat. However, no food allowed.


No homework is assigned unless work is not completed during class. See “Attendance” above and “Time Management” below. At home, you can download 30-day trial versions of Adobe software and education versions of Autodesk animation software for free. You must make arrangements with me if you wish to work in the lab outside of class time.

Assignments & projects must be named, saved & submitted properly in order to be marked. All other files & emails will be deleted. Links with invitations to view a Google document often don’t work and will not be looked at.

Laptops, Tablets & Other Personal Devices:

Use of personal laptops, tablets or other electronic devices will not be permitted.

Leaving the Classroom:

If you’re in grade 9 or higher, you don’t have to ask me for permission. There’s a black binder at the front of the room. Sign out whenever you leave the room & remember to sign back in when you get back. The sign-out procedure is a privilege, not a right.


During individual project work only. Otherwise, please remove BOTH earbuds when speaking to or listening to the teacher. Chronic misuse of YouTube or other social media in class will result in reduction or removal of internet privileges in class.

Time Management:

Research shows people can usually focus for their age + 20 minutes. For example, if you’re 15, you should be able to focus on work for 35 minutes. Only then should you take a SHORT individual brain break (2-3 minutes) before resuming work (set an online timer or your cell phone to remind you to get back to work).

In the case of students who consistently stray off-task regardless of what strategies we discuss, restrictions may be applied to your internet access & account for the remainder of the course. This will have serious implications for your success since your course is computer-based.