A Guide to Facebook Security (pdf from Facebook)

You Think You Know – Web site splits into two streams, one for parents/educators and one for youth (ages 11 – 17)

NetSmartz Workshop – For teens, tweens, parents/guardians & educators

Graduation & Your Online Presence – Time to check your online identities and make adjustments to prepare for your adult life.


SAFETY: Don’t reveal any personal details anywhere (about you, about other students, or about staff). Use first names only when you’re online (or use a fake name). Never use anyone’s last name. Don’t show peoples’ faces in photos or video. Only students with parental/guardian consent may upload multimedia containing their voice.

AT THE END OF THE COURSE: Your account will be deleted at Moodle and/or the district’s Sharepoint.

First names only!

Netiquette is about behaviour online – yours, mine, everyone’s. Here are a few guidelines for you to remember:

  • Keep the classroom community positive & safe – both online & in person. Don’t write about the things people (students or staff) say or do during class (even if it’s funny). See the next guideline for more.
  • Respect each other. Be polite and appropriate at all times. Remember, your words can follow you back into the classroom. Your teacher (that would be me), administrators, parents, and other students will see what you write. So will anyone else who finds this blog online.
  • No comments whatsoever at any public web site except for Moodle or the district’s Sharepoint (both are password-protected).
  • Be inclusive. Be open-minded to different points of view and to different abilities. If everyone was the same, the world would be a boring place.
  • The reason we’re using technology is to explore & to learn. You can have fun in this space but remember, this is an extension of the classroom. The expectations are the same.
  • Post your best work. You never know who will see it. Check your work, check your sources, check your spelling & grammar. Don’t use texting abbreviations.
  • Use appropriate multimedia. All images, video, audio and text must be school-appropriate.
  • Give credit where it’s due. Don’t plagarize. Acknowledge your sources.
  • Don’t use a personal email account that uses personal info in the address. If you must, create a new Gmail account that is specifically for school work only. If you plan on taking any future courses with me, don’t forget your gmail or password.
  • When in doubt, ask. If you’re not sure whether something is appropriate or you’re confused about what to do, ask me.


What things do I need permission from my parents/guardian for?

  • To use the public online tools listed as “Classroom tools.”
  • The Internet Contract