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Math/Science 8

There is a list of helpful links in the right column under the Math & Science section. Video tutorials, practice games & exercises, flash cards… you’ll find lots of resources online to help you puzzle out that math question or to find another way to hear about the water cycle.


Here’s an example of an online resource you could use:

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Why bother memorizing the multiplication table?

Does doing math frustrate you? Do you fumble with the calculator when others seem to see the answer right away?

To do well in math, you must memorize your multiplication table up to 12×12 (15×15 is even better). Otherwise, you won’t be able to spot patterns as you learn higher levels of math. Think about it. Your class is writing a test. Question three has 10 steps to find the answer using a calculator but if you know your multiplication table, you can spot the shortcuts and finish it in four steps. That saves you time. I guarantee it’ll make math easier for you!

Memorizing your multiplication tables = Shortcuts in math

Download Multiplication Table 12×12 (pdf)

Download Multiplication Table 15×15 (pdf)

Download Multiplication Table 25×25 (pdf) – Used in class.

More Math Games

Here are some online multi-player math games (4 to 8 players) for multiplication. You can set up a game to play with your friends/classmates or you can join a game online. There are even games for integers, fractions, division, decimals, addition and subtraction. Think of these as the foundation you’re going to build your math knowledge on. For more math games, try the What2Learn website.

Multiplication tables. Chant them, put them to music, study the Prezi below.