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Marks & Final Exams

Marks for each term and each course will be as follows:

Assignments & Labs 40%

Quizzes 20%

Tests 30%

Projects 10%

Each assignment/lab is worth about 4% each. Late assignments marked with a 50% penalty can still add up to a significant portion of your marks, so hand them in! For example, five late assignments can be worth 10% of your term marks.

Each term is worth 22.5% of the final mark. There will be a formal exam scheduled for each course which will cover all material studied for the year. The final exam is worth 10% of the final mark and will be written in two parts:

Science 8

Part 1 – Thu. June 6, 2013

Part 2 – Fri. June 7, 2013

Math 8

Part 1 – Mon. June 17, 2013

Part 2 – Tue. June 18, 2013

For the math exam, students will be given a multiplication chart and a formula sheet (see menu “Ma/Sc 8”). Calculators are not permitted on quizzes, tests or the final exam.