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Make a Screencast

Definition: A screencast is a digital recording of what’s happening on your computer screen as you describe what you’re doing and why.

Software: Jing (that half yellow-orange ball on the top edge of your screen in the middle). If it’s not there, go Start –> All Programs –> TechSmith (folder) –> Jing.

Other Supplies: Earphones or earbuds (you must bring your own). USB microphone. A quiet classroom or the back room (but you’d have to use a school netbook instead). If everyone’s quietly doing their work, it’s possible to narrate a screencast without any noise interference.

Save your screencast to your student folder. Do not upload your screencast to your personal social media accounts or email. The free version of Jing saves files as a Flash video (swf) which YouTube won’t accept, but you can load it to Posterous. Don’t forget – there’s a five minute limit to each recording.