Referee Videos & Quiz

Are you a robot driver? You must watch the referee videos and pass the quiz. You may take the quiz as often as you’d like, but make sure you understand the rules. It’s not just about passing the quiz.

Here’s a cookie for you – click it to go to the videos and quiz.

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First Two Weeks

Remember, you must have your parents submit a completed internet agreement by this Friday in order to be sure your account will be activated before we delete the general account (probably by next week Friday).

Until then, do your assignment as an email message (NO attachments). Your SUBJECT line must be accurate or else I won’t see your work. Please include:

  1. Course name
  2. Your first name & last initial
  3. The assignment title (as given in class)

For example:

SUBJECT: Computers 10 – Jane S – Assignment 2


SUBJECT: Robotics 10 – Joe B – Journal 3

My work email is on the whiteboard. It’ll automatically sort student email into different homework folders IF you fill in the SUBJECT line correctly. Spelling counts (the course name especially)

Course names include:

  • Robotics 10
  • Computers 10
  • DMD (for Animation)
  • CP (for Computer Programming 11/12)

If you are without a computer account by Monday, September 17th, you will no longer have access to a computer but will be expected to catch up once you can log on.