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Scribe Posts

For marking criteria, see the Wordle above. Scribe posts are worth 5% of your term mark (math or science, depending on what day you end up scribing). Each person will scribe once or twice each term (both courses combined). There will be a scribe post for each day (except test days). You should still take your own notes even when you’re not the scribe.


  1. Write a brief summary of what we learned in class (the main idea).
  2. Include enough detail so that someone who was away sick, or missed class for any other reason, can catch up on what they missed. Over the course of the year, the scribe posts will grow into the textbook for the course – written by students for students. Remember that as you write your scribe posts.
  3. Ask yourself: “Is this good enough for our textbook? Would an image or video help explain what we learned?”
  4. Remember, this blog is open to the public. You may eventually have a global audience even after you graduate. Impress them.
  5. Don’t post photos, personal information or names of you or anyone else.
  6. You may use the computer, headset (with microphone), a scanner (for hand drawn diagrams if you want), and/or the tablet during class. You may also use the internet (to find related images, websites or videos), the classroom tools posted at this blog, and various programs (e.g. Jing, Photoshop, Paint). It’s your choice!
  7. You may ask a classmate for help, but be sure to thank the person at the end of your scribe post and to describe the help you got.
  8. Due date is 3 p.m. the next school day (if you scribe on a Friday, the post is due Monday).
  9. You may finesse or add to your scribe post as often as you’d like, but you only have one week to ask me to re-mark it.

IMPORTANT:  At the end of class, we’ll go over what you have so far for your scribe post. By reviewing the material as a group, we can share information that would make your scribe post even better. Believe it or not, mistakes are fine and are to be expected. If you’re not sure about what you’ve scribed, that’s okay. You’re learning too, after all.

How does the Scribe List work?

The first scribe will be a volunteer. Each scribe will post notes for one class (whether it’s math or science) before picking the next scribe from the list posted in the lab. When everyone has had their turn at being the class scribe, the list resets and the whole thing starts all over again.

This list will be updated every day. If you see someone’s name crossed off on this list, you CANNOT choose them as the scribe for the next class. When it’s your turn to choose a scribe, check the list first (it’s on the right side of the whiteboard).