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Extra Help

Additional help is available after school Tuesday to Thursday from 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm, but the best time to ask questions is during class (time will be set aside specifically for questions about the homework).

Additional computer time (Internet & Office 2010) is available at lunch in the library.

To encourage skills that build success in high school and beyond, all students are assigned to a study group of four or five students. In any evening, a student should be able to contact three or four classmates about the homework or the material covered in class.

Each day, a student will post the homework assignment & class notes (see “What’s for Homework” & “Class Notes” in the current drop down menu). However, students should not rely completely on these online records. They may be incomplete. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find out any homework missed and to copy out the class notes needed by consulting his/her study group.

There are also online tutors available Sunday to Thursday, 6 pm-9 pm for math & science (and social studies) – see “Tutor World BC” in the Login section. You’ll need a headset with a microphone. Each session can be up to 20 minutes. Once you use your FVRL library card to log in, you will see the following screen: