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The internet is a public space. You never know who might be reading. When you make a comment, your goal is to provide useful feedback. Don’t spam or criticize, either here or elsewhere. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, including you. Remember, school rules apply. Comment wisely.

Here are some things to consider before you post:

  • Follow the safety rules – first names only. Pseudonyms are even better.
  • Don’t comment on spelling or grammar. Focus on the idea, the content, the structure, and any multimedia used (images, audio, video, links).
  • Keep in mind that everything you write in your feedback will appear harsher and more negative than intended. Ever have a misunderstanding with a friend over an email or text message? Remember that experience, then reread your comments and ask: “How would I feel if I received this?”
  • Have a purpose for commenting.
  • Don’t post anything in the heat of the moment.

The internet is not the same thing as the classroom. Anyone can read what you write online. Think how others will feel (about your words, about you) when they read your comment. Your parents/guardian, your siblings, your friends… maybe even your current or future employer. Who knows?

[Based on: The Digital Teachers Project]