Business Education/ICT Award (Secondary)

Students who excel and show great promise in Business or Computers at the secondary level. Often the top graduating student but not always. Exceptional grade 11 students may also be considered. Although grades play a significant role in the selection, other criteria will also be considered. For Business students, leadership skills and experience (often in conjunction with the management of The Cave or a business of their own) will be strongly considered. Candidates from all three fields must also be a good communicator and role model who helps others & works well in a team. Other factors include creativity, initiative, problem-solving skills, persistence, work ethic, attention to detail and regular attendance.

Criteria for Certificates

Digital Media Development (Animation) 10 – Top mark overall
Digital Media Development (Animation) 11/12 – Top mark overall
Electronics & Robotics 10 – Top mark overall
Entrepreneurship 11 – Top mark overall
Media Design 10/11/12 – Top mark overall
Computer Studies 10 – Top mark overall
Computer Programming 11/12 – Top mark overall

Class certificates are handed out at the year-end BBQ. Where a tie exists, other factors such as consistency, work ethic, ability to be a good role model, willingness to volunteer, and attendance will be taken into consideration.

Internal Scholarship for Business

$1000 scholarship for Business and/or Computers (under the category of Applied Skills). Students should check with Mrs. Jones in Student Services for application details & deadline. Please be aware that scholarships (internal or external) have different deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute to get reference letters where necessary. An up-to-date resume will help you with the application process.

GW Graham Cave Scholarship for ADST Students

$400 scholarship for any student enrolled in an ADST senior course (grade 11/12) who is graduating in the current academic year. The scholarship is made possible by the revenue from the student-run business, the Cave. It is, in fact, a scholarship for students from the students. Please see the application for details.

To Get the Best References Possible

I can only write about how you actually were/are in my class, not about what I think your potential will be. I reserve the right to NOT write a reference if I think it’ll be vague (which will be unhelpful to your goal).

  1. Ask as far in advance as you can – one month at least. Some years, I write a lot of reference letters, usually with the same deadlines.
  2. You must have an established history of regular attendance for my class.
  3. Marks are important but a strong work ethic, determination to succeed & repeated initiative can add up to a strong reference as well.

For Job Hunting:

  • Ask me BEFORE you list me as a reference. If your prospective employer phones me and I can’t remember details right away, my hesitation will be misinterpreted as “this student is not a strong candidate for the job.”

For Reference Letters
(Awards, Scholarships & Post-Secondary Applications):

  • Let me know at least a month in advance.
  • You must give me a completed reference form that summarizes all your senior marks & work/volunteer experience. Check with Student Services for the form.
  • At the top of the form, write the date you need the reference by, your first & last name AND a way to contact you (email, advisory teacher).
  • As extra insurance, you can email me a reminder the week before (my work email).
  • You can even let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in your letter. I may or may not use it, but it doesn’t hurt to offer your ideas.