Term 3 Self-Evaluation – Mar 2018

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WEX Accounting Seminar

2016 Is Upon Us!

Every organization, both large and small, needs to have a plan in place for succession and for a sale. The beginning of any year is the perfect time to review how your business is positioned for success, using the Four Decisions and the Scaling Up Strategic Planning methodology.

Ask yourself : how does your business measure up in terms of its People, Strategy, Execution and Cash?

Join Casey for this valuable seminar on Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00 AM

This complimentary and informative seminar occurs
Tuesday, November 10 from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM 
including a question and discussion period. 

This seminar will be held at the LLT Boardroom
at 45515 Knight Road, Chilliwack. 
(Breakfast will be provided by Hofstede’s Country Barn)


If You Post Online in Class

Think before you post. Will things you post impulsively come back to haunt you?

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation

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Welcome Back!

Each September is a shiny, fresh start to another school year with new things to learn and try. For me, that includes a new marking program, a new course to teach, and a new weight-training routine. I know I’ll make mistakes but I’m 100% confident… That I won’t try to bench press 300 lbs.

Photo Credit: forum.bodybuilding.com

What are you going to try this year?


Sign Up for Remind


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How to Validate a Web Site

The videos below should be watched in order; their ideas are connected.

Using Google: the Type & Hope Method from November Learning.

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